NDF International is one of the leading independent film production companies in the United Kingdom, with a long list of distinguished and  award-winning films by internationally acclaimed directors, actors and  writers who include David Cronenberg, Neil Jordan, James Ivory, Brian Gilbert, Mira Nair, Wayne Wang, Julian Schnabel, Julie Taymor, Omid Nooshin, Pete Travis, Harvey Keitel, Jude  Law, Anthony  Hopkins, Jeremy  Irons, Gong  Li, Sir  Derek Jacobi, Dougray Scott, Kazuo  Ishiguro, Patrick  Neate and  Hassan Abudulrazzak.

NDF's founder and CEO Michiyo Yoshizaki was the former VP of Nippon Herald Films, one of Japan's biggest distributors, and was awarded the best distributor's prize in Japan as a result of releasing films such as Cinema Paradiso and The Lord of The Rings trilogy, which both broke box office records in Japan.

Yoshizaki then founded NIPPON DEVELOPMENT AND FINANCE (NDF Inc.) in 1991 with a consortium of major Japanese companies and, in 1995, Michiyo Yoshizaki founded NDF International parting from NDF Inc. in Japan. Recently she founded NDF Productions, which Ado Yoshizaki Cassuto has joined as a producer.

The company's ethos was founded in a lifelong passion for the un­compromising movies of independent filmmakers.

The films co-financed, executive produced and produced by NDF's group of companies were Naked Lunch, Smoke, The Crying Game, Howard End, Kamasutra, Wilde, Chinese Box, Titus, Guantanamero (aka Rhythm of Havana) and Last Passenger.

The Crying Game went on to take in $63 million at the US box office and prove a worldwide hit. NDF has received in total 17 Oscar nominations, including 9 for Howards End, and 6 for The Crying Game among many other festival awards at Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto.

NDF currently has projects in development with the BFI, MEDIA, BBC Films, Film4, Scottish Screen, Pandora Films, May 13 Capital and Front Row Filmed Entertainment, and continues to develop high quality independent films with acclaimed filmmakers and writers.


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